Wafer Cocoa & Milk 175g LOACKER

  • Wafer Cocoa & Milk 175g LOACKER

Wafer Cocoa & Milk 175g LOACKER



Strong & tender - the original combination of cocoa wafers & milk cream

When opposites are combined, completely new flavour combinations are created. The contrast between dark cocoa wafers and light milk cream filling has a strong attraction which nobody can resist.The intense cocoa taste of three light, crispy wafers forms a union with the tender flavour of two layers of delicate, high quality Loacker milk cream filling, offering an original taste sensation, strong and tender at the same time.

Crispy cocoa wafers with milk cream filling (75%). Ingredients: coconut oil, wheat flour, glucose syrup, whey powder (milk), dextrose, skimmed milk powder 6%, sugar, soy flour, whole milk powder 4%, barley malt extract, fat-reduced cocoa 2%, hazelnuts, raising agents (sodium hydrogen carbonate, disodium diphosphate), salt, emulsifier soy lecithins, Bourbon vanilla pods, spices. May contain almonds.

Nutrition declaration per 100g
energy energy fat of which saturated fatty acids carbohydrates of which sugars protein salt
2.205 kJ 528 kcal 29 g 24 g 57 g 28 g 9,1 g 0,47 g

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