Cocoa Tart 350g ELLEDI

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  • Cocoa Tart 350g ELLEDI

Cocoa Tart 350g ELLEDI

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Ideal to serve to your family and guests.

Crispy shortbread tarts garnished with a generous layer of cocoa cream,wheat flour,cocoa and hazelnut cream (sugar, sunflower oil, fat-reduced cocoa powder 10%, hazelnut paste 10%, skimmed milk powder),sugar,vegetable margarine (coconut oil, sunflower oil),butter,eggs,raising agents: sodium hydrogen carbonate - disodium diphosphate - ammonium hydrogen carbonate,skimmed milk powder,salt,flavourings,dextrose,may contain traces of peanuts and soya


Per 100g:
KCal 487
KJoule 2037
Carbohydrates 62.1 %
Fats 23.3 %
Proteins 5.9 %

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