Gelato Sandwiches 8 Pcs VEGAN (FROZEN)

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Gelato Sandwiches 8 Pcs VEGAN (FROZEN)




100% Plant-based, Naturally Lactose Free, with Calcium and Vitamin D2.


Ice cream ingredients (55%): soy extract (68%)(water, soybeans(8.2%), sea salt), sugar, glucose syrup, coconut oil, low-fat cocoa (2.5%), calcium phosphate, emulsifier: mono and di-glycerides of fatty acids - sucrose esters of fatty acids, stabilisers: guar gum - sodium alginate - locust bean gum, flavourings, vitamin D2.

Biscuit ingredients (45%): wheat flour, sugar, vegetable fats (coconut - sunflower), glucose syrup, low-fat cocoa, coloring: caramel, barley malt extract powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin, leavening agent: ammonium carbonate - sodium carbonate, salt, flavorings.

Can be consumed by those who are intolerant to lactose and allergic to milk proteins, by vegetarians and by vegans. Not suitable for celiacs.

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