Anchovies Juice (Colatura di Alici) 100 ml

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Anchovies Juice (Colatura di Alici) 100 ml

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At the anchovies, as soon as they are caught, the head and the entrails are removed, they are then kept for 24 hours in containers with abundant sea salt.
As a result of the pressure and maturation of the fish, surface liquid emerges which, in the case of preparation of salted anchovies, is removed.
This liquid provides the basis for the preparation of anchovy pouring.
It is in fact stored in large glass containers and exposed to direct sunlight which, by evaporation of water, increases its concentration.
After about four or five months, typically then between the end of October and the beginning of November, all the collected liquid is again poured into the barrels with the anchovies, and slowly poured through a hole, between the layers of fish, so to further collect the flavor.
It is finally filtered through linen cloths, and is therefore ready for the beginning of December.

It is typically used to dress spaghetti and linguine that must be cooked without salt, as the salted anchovy sauce is very salty.

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