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Showing 1 - 48 of 72 products
Tiramisu Kit 265G (6 SERVING)Tiramisu Kit 265G (6 SERVING)
Save $5.80
Melanzane Parmigiana 2.5kg Frozen (Defrost & Cook 180' for 30 Min) (Ideal for 14 Portions)Melanzane Parmigiana 2.5kg Frozen (Defrost & Cook 180' for 30 Min) (Ideal for 14 Portions)
Pochette Cuboghiotto Cremino 160g DULCIOLIVA
Gianduiotti Classic -Hazelnuts Chocolate 160g
Tuna Steaks in Olive oil 620g Callipo
Fillets of Mackerel in Olive Oil 290g Callipo
Artisanal Neapolitan Pizza Crust 5 PCS 12" D.30Cm
Tarte Flambee Base 210g
Sale price$7.00
Tarte Flambee Base 210g
Passatelli 1.5 kg (Iqf Frozen)
Penne Pre-Cooked 1 kg (Iqf Frozen)Penne Pre-Cooked 1 kg (Iqf Frozen)
Pennotti rigati 500g rummo
Sale price$4.00
Pennotti rigati 500g rummo
Modena Balsamic Vinegar IGP 250 ml Quintessenza
Set of 4 5 cl amaretto|sambuca|limoncino|amaro
Triple sec 70 cl. 38%
Sale price$55.70
Triple sec 70 cl. 38%
Ricotta Cheese 250g ValleverdeRicotta Cheese 250g Valleverde
Aubergine Dice Pre-Fried 1 kg (Frozen)
Lava Cake Dark Chocolate 100G-9 Pcs (Frozen)Lava Cake Dark Chocolate 100G-9 Pcs (Frozen)
Grilled peppers in oil 100gGrilled peppers in oil 100g
Sale price$4.60
Grilled peppers in oil 100g
Semi-Dried Tomatoes in oil 100gSemi-Dried Tomatoes in oil 100g
Sun-Dried Tomatoes  in oil 100gSun-Dried Tomatoes  in oil 100g
Save $1.60
Cuneesi Cheery 250g DULCIOLIVA
Sale price$10.90 Regular price$12.50
Cuneesi Cheery 250g DULCIOLIVA
Cuboghiotto Mixed Whole Hazelnut Pralines 160g
Pochette Nocciobella Dark Chocolate 130g
Pochette Nocciobella Milk Chocolate 130g
Gianduiotti Dark Chocolate 160g
Truffle Classic Mixed 160g
Sale price$9.90
Truffle Classic Mixed 160g
Gianduia Chocolate Cream 350g
Gianduiotti White Chocolate 160g
Savoiardi (Lady Finger) 400g
Amaretti 300g BONOMI
Sale price$7.20
Amaretti 300g BONOMI
Mini Amaretti 150g BONOMI
Sale price$4.60
Mini Amaretti 150g BONOMI
Italian shortbread round 150gItalian shortbread round 150g
Italian shortbread finger 150gItalian shortbread finger 150g
Choco chips butter biscuits 150gChoco chips butter biscuits 150g
Italian frollini biscuits flowers 750gItalian frollini biscuits flowers 750g
Italian frollini biscuits quadri 750gItalian frollini biscuits quadri 750g
Puff pastry bites rosemary & black pepper 150g
Puff pastry bites tomato & origan 150g
Puff pastry bites cheese 150g
Seasoned nameko mushrooms 280g
Whole champignon mushrooms in oil 280g
Mixed mushrooms with porcini 280g
Mixed veggies  280g
Sale price$8.60
Mixed veggies 280g
Seasoned champignon mushrooms 280g
Raddish (Horseradish) cream  140g
Taggiasche olives in oil 190g
Mushrooms with porcini cream 190g
Red grilled pepper cream 190g

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