Scrigni cacio pepe 2kg (Iqf Frozen)

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Ingredients (pasta)
Durum wheat semolina, barn eggs.

Ingredients (filling)
Pasteurized fresh whole milk, Pecorino Romano DOP cheese 27%, ricotta, bread, potato starch, food gelatine, pepper 0,4%.

The filling
In Italian, a “Scrigno” is a chest hiding something precious, and in this case we are dealing with one of the oldest recipes in the Italian (Roman, to be more specific) culinary tradition: Cacio e Pepe (cheese and pepper). With just three ingredients, this recipe might seem quite simple. However, what makes the difference here is quality. In our Scrigni, Pecorino Romano DOP cheese, which is normally used as seasoning, becomes an ingredient in the filling, in a perfect mix with black pepper. This creation offers a slight spicy note, but the main star here is Pecorino Romano cheese with its full flavour.

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