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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products
Natural usa almonds (raw) 22/24 (USa)500g - Good FoodNatural usa almonds (raw) 22/24 (USa)500g - Good Food
Save $6.40
Baked almonds (Singapore)500g - Good FoodBaked almonds (Singapore)500g - Good Food
Sale price$11.90 Regular price$18.30
Baked almonds (Singapore)500g EXP.01/03/24
Almond natural sliced/flakes (with skin) (Usa)500g - Good FoodAlmond natural sliced/flakes (with skin) (Usa)500g - Good Food
Save $5.90
Almond blanched sliced/flakes (without skin)(Usa)500g - Good FoodAlmond blanched sliced/flakes (without skin)(Usa)500g - Good Food
Almond blanched diced 500g (Usa) - Good FoodAlmond blanched diced 500g (Usa) - Good Food
Almond blanched strips 500g (Usa) - Good FoodAlmond blanched strips 500g (Usa) - Good Food
Roasted hazelnut 13/15mm blanched (Turkey)500g - Good FoodRoasted hazelnut 13/15mm blanched (Turkey)500g - Good Food
Brazil nuts (medium) (Brazil/Peru)500g - Good FoodBrazil nuts (medium) (Brazil/Peru)500g - Good Food
Save $4.40
Cashew nuts w320 (raw) (Vietnam/India)500g - Good FoodCashew nuts w320 (raw) (Vietnam/India)500g - Good Food
Sale price$12.70 Regular price$17.10
Cashew nuts w320 (raw) (Vietnam/India)500g EXP.01/05/24
Save $8.60
Baked cashews (Singapore)500g - Good FoodBaked cashews (Singapore)500g - Good Food
Sale price$15.50 Regular price$24.10
Baked cashews (Singapore)500g EXP.01/03/24
Natural Walnut (chopped walnuts) (Usa)500g - Good Food
Natural walnut chandler light halves (80%)(Usa)500g - Good FoodNatural walnut chandler light halves (80%)(Usa)500g - Good Food
Salted Peanuts 250g - Good FoodSalted Peanuts 250g - Good Food
Sale price$4.50
Salted Peanuts 250g
Dried apricots size #2 (yellow colour) (Turkey)500g - Good FoodDried apricots size #2 (yellow colour) (Turkey)500g - Good Food
Sultanas (black raisins)500g - Good Food

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