Cooked Octopus Leg -1 Pcs 200-240G (FRESH)

SKU: FS04.00.10.03-PKT

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NUCHAR cooked octopus surprises with its naturalness, texture, consistency and intensity of flavor. Our secret: selection at the origin of the best pieces, traditional cooking, adapting the cooking to the time of year in which the octopus was caught and to the size of each specimen.

  • We cook the octopus by water immersion at boiling temperature and faithfully following the Galician tradition. Once it is just cooked, we cut and vacuum pack it, guaranteeing its conservation and long shelf life.
  • NUCHAR cooked octopus is very versatile and easy to use in cooking. It is exquisite grilled, on the barbecue, steamed, in the microwave and even cold.
  • Refrigerated product.

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