Scrigni Burrata from Apulia 2kg (Iqf Frozen)

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Ingredients (pasta)

Durum wheat semolina, barn eggs.

Ingredients (filling)

Burrata cheese 59%, ricotta, extra-virgin olive oil, bread, food gelatine, barn eggs, salt, pepper.

The filling

Scrigni with Apulian Burrata cheese are a tribute to a classic peasant cheese that has risen to international fame and is much prized for the intensity and freshness of its flavour. Created last century in Apulia, burrata is made with a filling of scraps left over from the production of mozzarella mixed with cream and enclosed in a casing of stretched-curd cheese. It’s still made in the classic pouch shape and comes wrapped in asphodel leaves. It makes up 59% of the filling of Scrigni, with extra virgin olive oil adding a slightly sharper note.

Average nutritional values per 100 g

Energy kJ 871 – Energy kcal 196 – Fats g 10,5 of which saturated fats g 5,0 – Carbohydrates g 13,2 of which sugars g 1,7 – Fibres g 2,0 – Proteins g 11,0 – Salt g 0,86

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