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Showing 1 - 39 of 39 products
Carrots 500g (FRESH AUSTRALIA) - Good Food
Potato chat 1 kg(white washed ) (FRESH AUSTRALIA) - Good Food
Potato Russet 1kg (110's) (FRESH USA) - Good Food
Spinach Leaves 1 Quality 1 kg (Frozen) - Good Food
Broad-Fava Beans 1 kg (Frozen) - Good Food
Minestrone 13 Vegetables 2.5 kg (Frozen) - Good FoodMinestrone 13 Vegetables 2.5 kg (Frozen) - Good Food
Aubergine Slices for Parmigiana 1 kg (Frozen) - Good Food
Peppers - Quarter Yellow and Red 1 kg (Frozen) - Good Food
Peppers - Quarter Grilled 1 kg (Frozen) - Good Food
Small Potatoes (NOVELLE) 2.5 kg (Frozen) - Good Food
Grilled Courgette Slices 1 kg (Frozen) - Good Food
Grilled Veg TRIO 1 kg (Frozen) - Good Food
Artichoke Whole 2.5kg (Frozen) - Good FoodArtichoke Whole 2.5kg (Frozen) - Good Food
Artichokes Halves TantoCuore 300g (FROZEN) - Good FoodArtichokes Halves TantoCuore 300g (FROZEN) - Good Food
Artichoke (whole) TantoCuore 300g (FROZEN) - Good FoodArtichoke (whole) TantoCuore 300g (FROZEN) - Good Food
Asparagus Tips 300g (FROZEN) - Good FoodAsparagus Tips 300g (FROZEN) - Good Food
Sale price$11.50
Asparagus Tips 300g (FROZEN)
Brussels Sprouts 450g (FROZEN) - Good Food
Cauliflower Florets 450g (FROZEN) - Good FoodCauliflower Florets 450g (FROZEN) - Good Food
Courgette (Zucchini ) Sliced 450g (FROZEN) - Good FoodCourgette (Zucchini ) Sliced 450g (FROZEN) - Good Food
Fennel Wedges 400g (FROZEN) - Good FoodFennel Wedges 400g (FROZEN) - Good Food
Sale price$6.80
Fennel Wedges 400g (FROZEN)
Buon Minestrone 450g (FROZEN) - Good Food
Peas Extra-Fine 450g (FROZEN) - Good FoodPeas Extra-Fine 450g (FROZEN) - Good Food
Pumpkin Dices 450g (FROZEN) - Good FoodPumpkin Dices 450g (FROZEN) - Good Food
Sale price$6.30
Pumpkin Dices 450g (FROZEN)
Save $2.82
Grilled Vegetable Trio 450g (FROZEN) - Good Food
Sale price$6.58 Regular price$9.40
Grilled Vegetable Trio 450g (FROZEN) 01/04/2022
Roasted Peeled Peppers 400g (FROZEN) - Good FoodRoasted Peeled Peppers 400g (FROZEN) - Good Food
Frozen Porcini / Cepes CUBE 1kg - Good FoodFrozen Porcini / Cepes CUBE 1kg - Good Food
Turnip greens (cime di rapa) 2kg - Good Food
Wild mugnuli 1kg - Good Food
Sale price$35.60
Wild mugnuli 1kg
Baby slices artichokes 2kg - Good Food
Sale price$65.40
Baby slices artichokes 2kg
Friggitello peppers 3kg - Good Food
Sale price$98.40
Friggitello peppers 3kg
Friarielli of field 1kg - Good Food
Sale price$32.20
Friarielli of field 1kg
Baby aubergines size 10-15g 2kg - Good Food
Baby artichokes in wheat flour batter 2kg - Good Food
Save $106.52
Frozen black truffle whole extra 100g - Good Food
Sale price$159.78 Regular price$266.30
Frozen black truffle whole extra 100g EXP. 31/8/2022
Save $22.48
Frozen black summer truffle whole extra 100g - Good Food
Green Zucchini 500g (FRESH FROM ITALY) - Good Food
Carrots 1kg(FRESH AUSTRALIA) - Good Food
FRozen porcini/cepes whole 1 selection 1kg

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